Duo Karbacher-Vryzas

The duo is based on the love of sound in all its different appearances.

Creating a musical language in a communicative-collaborative manner, listening to each other, experimenting with different sounds with no restrictive judgments.

Eva-Maria Karbacher and Dimos Vryzas met during their Performance Master at the Musikakademie in Basel where they studied Free Improvisation with Alfred Zimmerlin and Fred Frith.

In these two years the two musicians worked intensively together, founded Karbacher Vryzas Duo and recorded their first album “coexisting” in December 2018.

With Dimos Vryzas currently being based in Athens and Eva-Maria Karbacher living in Basel, the duo profits from the connection and exchange between Greece and Switzerland.

Karbacher Vryzas Duo shares a common point of view over improvisation (nothing prearranged or anticipated) which allows them to build a unified sound.

Being aware of needs of the moment/sounding, encountering each other in an open field with no paths as yet defined. There is no correct way to listen, except to be present and challenge our habits over again.

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