Eva-Maria Karbacher, soprano saxophone
Christian Moser, oud
Alfred Zimmerlin, cello

The story of UMIAK began in 2018, when Eva-Maria Karbacher (saxophone) and Christian Moser (oud) set out to explore sounds together. For performances with a dance project, they invited the cellist Alfred Zimmerlin to join the band in 2021 - which all three liked so much that UMIAK has since been a "working band" as a trio, improvising fine chamber music.

The trio's playing reveals itself as an alert interplay with a high sensitivity for sound shaping. Texture-oriented interplay and homogeneity of sound material have their place in UMIAK's music, as well as their willingness to allow breaks, absurdities and the conciseness of individuality.

The three musicians transcend their different musical starting points and experiences to a new group sound. .

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